Come to Cambodia

See and experience the difference Care for Cambodia is making in the flesh, and change lives in a really hands-on way. You’d be surprised at how you can help...

The people are gentle in nature and the countryside is beautiful. Just an hour North of Singapore by flight, it’s a fantastic way to experience a new culture, but more than that, your visit could lead to helping the poorest of the poor.

You’d be surprised at how your skills and life experience can make a real difference. Teaching something such as carpentry, vegetable growing, hair-dressing, common-sense hygiene, crafts to sell at a local market, and so on can lead thes e people to a brighter future.

Seeing the need and developing a real understanding for the people could also inspire you to help in other ways. A lot of life-changing ideas have come about this way.

If you’re interested in coming to Cambodia, please contact us.