How Others Help

A lot of people want to help change lives, but often end up overwhelmed, or frustrated because they feel that there’s nothing they can do but give money - and that’s just not possible for everyone.

However, we believe that everyone has something to offer, and this section gives a few examples of how people have creatively contributed to the cause, just to spark your own ideas.

Using Your Unique Skills

While the days are hot in Cambodia, the nights are often cold, especially for the young ones. One lovely lady heard about this and started knitting beanies for baby's and toddlers. These bright colored hats have been named ‘Camby Caps’ and each cap is different and stitched with love. They are a big hit over in Cambodia and this simple action has since inspired others to do the same.

Using Your Occupation

A talented photojournalist met up with us in Cambodia and took incredible photos to help us spread the word. One of these photos came 2nd in a major photographic competition and we are now using many of them on this website.

Never Too Young

A 12 year old South Australian lad heard about the need for fruit trees for the New Life Village (the first housing community we built) through his grandmother. His instant response was “I can do that Gran.” He found a tin and took it to school and everywhere he went, telling people how the money would buy mango trees to provide fruit and shade for 21 poor families in Cambodia. It only took him 2 weeks to raise enough to buy the 21 mango trees.

Never Too Old

A couple, older than Paul and I, read an article in the newspaper about what we’re doing in Cambodia. They wanted to be part of it, so they paid their own way over and partnered with us in feeding the people at the dump and helping to finance humanitarian aid for the Muslim Boat people.

Using Your Junk

A womens fellowship at a local school raised over $400.00 from the proceeds of selling 2nd hand goods.

Using Your Community

An inspired couple gathered their family and neighbours to have a huge garage sale, with all proceeds going to Cambodia.

Get Creative

These are just a few of many ways people have helped us make a difference to the poorest of the poor in Cambodia. Get creative and think of ways you can use your unique talents, resources or experience to change lives.

Click here to Take Action, or keep reading to find out some of the needs in Cambodia.

Here is a list of needs, to help spark some more ideas:

Having lived on a dump, some for their entire lives, these people need to be taught life skills that many of us have. For example:

  • Proper hygiene to eliminate preventative diseases such as Cholera and Typhoid.
  • Growing vegetables and other foods
  • Business training, to show them how to run a business
  • Skills training, like carpentry, sewing, hair-dressing and agriculture
  • Teaching them how to speak English
  • Showing them how to craft things they might be able to sell at the local markets
  • There are also many physical resources that are needed, like water purifiers, mosquito nets, soap, clothing and so on.

If you don’t like the idea of putting money into consumable resources, consider micro-finance for small business loans. These loans help people start up their own sustainable business. Participants have to prove how they can pay the money back, and once they have, the money goes to the next approved applicant.

The needs are many, and it’s tricky to list them here in a way that’s helpful to your brainstorming, so if you’d like some help to come up with a creative way you can help to change lives, please feel free to contact us. You might also want to read About Cambodia to get a better feel for the country and it’s people.