Tuesday, 23 September 2014 03:55

Our partners - Brighton Secondary School

Back in July 2013 Paul and I came to know the staff and students of Brighton Secondary School. Our connection with them came about by the interest that the Assistant Principal David Thomson had for the work we had done in Cambodia. David invited Paul and me to share about what we had done to a group of interested Teachers at the school where we were asked if we had a project that the school could get involved in. After discussions with the Leaders of five communities in Ou Dong, Paul and I came back to Brighton Secondary with the idea of building a Kindergarten. The Principal, Olivia O'neill, listened and gave the ok for the school to get involved.

Brighton Secondary School and Warradale Primary School are in a local schools agreement within the Asia Education Foundation who assist in projects like these. Along with the support of the foundation, the students have fundraised the money needed to employ local Cambodian builders who will do the foundational work in building the Kindergarten. In November two teams of year ll and 12 students along with their teachers will go and assist in the build, staying in the nearby New Life Village during their stay.

On the 20th November Paul and I will fly out a week before the teams to make sure the materials, tools, bricks etc will be on site.It will be wonderful to see the first 4 and 5 year old students of the kindergarten alongside the Brighton Secondary Students. We are planning a photo shoot out the front of the completed Kindy