Sunday, 15 September 2013 23:13

The 7 Stars are coming to Adelaide


Way back a year ago, we hatched a plan to bring a bunch of Cambodian teenagers over to Australia so that they could experience our culture and be further equipped to be difference makers in Cambodia. We found 7 young people who were gifted in music and made it possible for them to visit us. They were named the 7 Stars.

On the 1st October the 7stars will be staying at our home for a month. They will be performing at 22 places over that time and when they are not performing we hope to show them around Adelaide. Yes they will pat a koala & feed a kangaroo!

The team consists of five girls and two boys ages ranging from 18 to 20. A lady named Ayling is chaperoning them. She is the founder of a drop in centre she opened called the Morning Star Centre. This is a place where children who have suffered great injustices have been able to come and receive an education, learn music and have access to food and health care.

The good news is that the 7stars have pick up their visa's today and are ready to come to Australia!!  Not long to go now. The house is getting a spring cleaning and the garden is full of spring flowers.

Paul and I would like to thank all the venues that have invited the team to perform and also Stefan Palm our manager of our business for all the work he does behind the scenes.  Stefan we thank you for going the extra mile in all you do.

A full itinerary of their performances will be listed here in this blog shortly so you are welcome to come and see them, and hear them share their life stories.