Friday, 13 September 2013 04:54

Building a new Kindergarten

This time we only headed over for 7 days to Cambodia to gather information and look at possible sites for a kindergarten at Ou-Dong(which is 40km north of phnom penh).

Paul and I where guests of pastor Simon and his wife Sophor to stay the night in their home at the new life village. Our driver Sam brought us up arriving at noon.

After a delicious meal that Sophor and Samnang prepared we handed out some clothes and toys to the children of the village. Paul and I have so much fun seeing the children so excited.

Paul went with the men in the village to go to the rice warehouse to buy 10 sacks of rice for the families and I took some photos and chatted with Samnang.

Later in the afternoon we went with Simon and Chandy, the chief of the new life village to visit some close by communities. Simon translated for us as we met the chiefs to see if they would be interested in their 4 to 6 yr. olds going to a kindergarten. I took a note book and wrote down the names of the villages, leaders names and contact details and a list of children that would go.

We counted 162 children in all so this kindergarten will have to be big enough to accommodate that many. The site we are hoping to have access to use is some land that was used to teach the village about agriculture. Now the 3yr project is finished the land is sitting idle. It is fenced with a gate and it already has a well. We are waiting for the all clear.

A Cambodian architect will be employed to draw up the design. God willing the kindergarten will go up in 2014.