Monday, 03 June 2013 05:47

Funding for Cambodian pre-school

Aileen and I have just sent funds to help a worthy project in the Trialeu village, takeo province, Cambodia. In October 2012 a pre school was opened and has 26 children attending with two very capable teachers giving a high standard in education. The funds we sent will help establish and run the new facility.

Once the first centre is running well, the principal Jean-Marie Jooste is planning to open similar ones in other villages.

We donated through HADA (Health And Development Abroad) for the preschool which offers tax deductability. HADA does not use any funds for administration.

Other projects we donated money to this month included Habitat for Humanity in Phnom Penh. Habitat are currently building homes for families affected by HIV in Cambodia.   We are hoping to get there for a build early July 2013.  It is wonderful to be a part of making a difference in some one’s life.