Tuesday, 22 March 2011 23:32

Exciting news... The Agricultural project is on its way

12 months ago we started building on a vision to make it possible for the people of the New Life Village and their neighbours in Udong to be self sufficient. This would require them to be able to grow all their own food and even have some left to sell at local markets.

The answer was to buy a parcel of land near the village and develop some agricultural infrastructure whereby they could raise animals and grow food crops. To cut a long story short, we purchased the land last year and engaged the services of ICC (International Childrens Care) to implement and oversee the project.  ICC will use their experience in this area to educate the locals in various aspects of agriculture, and manage the project on a long term basis. ICC will also build the infrastructure and provide the skilled labor required of a project of this type

The positive impact is wide spreading. Locals will be employed on the project and will be paid a good wage, they will be able to take home food for their families and there will be enough produce to sell at local markets to provide income for the project to keep it sustainable.

The good news is that earlier this month, construction work begun on the site which in turn has created many jobs. The project is on its way!