Monday, 21 February 2011 22:50

Our 10th Trip

Recently we made our 10th trip to Cambodia. Being only a 10 day trip, we had a packed schedule and a long list of things to get done. Our main aim was to organise an agricultural project near the new life village. This involved purchasing land, setting it up and organising the people to work it.  The agricultural project will sustain the people of the new life village and surrounding villages by giving them the skills and means to grow food for themselves and then have some left over to sell at local markets.  Self sustainability is the goal. Of course while we were there, we continued on with our feeding programs, local church support and humanitarian aid.

The photo here is taken from Udong Mountain and shows the New Life Village (the 2 rows of buildings in the middle). The land around the outside is where we will establish the agricultural project.

Over the next few blogs you can read Paul’s diary of the 10 day trip