Tuesday, 16 November 2010 03:01

The Next Trip

Our Next trip will be in January 2011

Paul is heading out on this one with our manager Stefan to plan and organise our next housing project. On our last trip we identified 17 families living in terrible slums so our aim is to buy land in the capital of Phnom Penh where we will build new homes for each of them. We will visit them all and identify and help them with their most urgent needs, then partner with International Children s' Care to build the new homes. We plan to build homes of around 60sqm, with running water, electricity and proper sanitation.

Other projects on the go include an agriculture program next the the new life village we completed in November 2009. We have purchased a large parcel of land next to the village for them to grow food for themselves and to sell at the local markets. Paul will have the honor of turning the first sod on the land to start the Agriculture Project for the New Life Village, so this will be done with a great deal of emotion.

With all that together with officiating at two church Dedications with Pastor Kunthy and Pastor Sithas' new churches, the 10 days are on a tight schedule.

We would be so grateful for any donations to see the Hopes of these dear people come to pass. Any donation over $2 will be Tax Deductible. Please, help us – help them.

Blessings,  from Aileen